Walking can provide a challenging, motivating, and exhilarating total body workout for everyone

Walking is convenient, low impact and can be done anytime, any place, and in any weather.

Studies show walking relieves tension, reduces stress, elevates self esteem, improves circulation, and can also boost the immune system.

Walking can unlock the energy, positive attitude and vitality that make each day a pleasure.

If you are new to walking just begin by adding more steps to your daily activities: walk to the store, take the dog for a walk, use the stairs, walk during lunch or after dinner. Set aside a few minutes for yourself by walking.

  •   Start at a level that is comfortable to you. Walk easily and comfortably without pain or fatigue.
  • Listen to your body. Be aware of how you are feeling.
  • Once you are walking comfortably, the next step is to measure your time. Start by timing how long it takes to walk a mile comfortably on flat ground. It will probably take 17 – 20 minutes. This is your starting point   build from there. Gradually increase the distance and pace until 4 miles can be walked briskly (4.0 miles per hour) every other day.
  • Once you are comfortable walking for an hour, alternate days with walks of 20-30 minutes.
  • Keep a walking journal. By writing of your experiences and information which is important to you, you create an account of your progress. It is easy to forget where you were and see only where you want to be.
  • If this is your first step toward fitness, check with a physician first and unwind with a spa treatment after.