Cueing: Be clear, specific and demonstrate. Encouragement and fort lauderdale fitness coaching is important.

Visualization: Paint a picture of were you are cycling. For example mountain biking in Vail.

Guided Imagery: Creating specific situations during your ride. Example sharp turns, jumps, windy conditions etc…

Class Dynamics: Ex. Racing against one another.

Positive Energy: Encouragement, support friendly competition.

Room Set-Up: Space, ventilation, surface

Cycle Set-Up: Facing one another, semi-circle, straight line, full circle etc…

Music and Sound: Motivating, mood setting, good energy. Quality sound system is important .

Class Format

Class length 45min. to 75min.

8-12 songs

Set-up 5-15min.

Warm-up 10min.

Training Zone 25-45min.

Cool-down/Stretch 5-15min.

Bike Set-Up

Handle Bars: Beginners should have handlebars higher. Advanced can have bars lower. The high should be roughly the same height as the saddle.

You should have about a 30% tilt forward towards the bar and only 1/3 of body weight should be on the bars.

Seat Height: At 12:00 and 6:00 your legs should be about 95% extended.

Seat Forward / Backward: At 3:00 and 9:00 your knee should be even over the pedal and at about a 90%


Always adjust off the bike.

Three Major Factors That Determine Intensity

Body Position