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Premier Ingots & Metals Pvt. Ltd. is a part of a 50 years old group who are pioneers in manufacturing of non ferrous metals in India. We are an ISO 9000 Certified Co manufacturing resistance welding electrodes, spot welding electrodes, seam welding electrodes, copper alloys, beryllium copper alloys, chromium zirconium copper, copper castings, plungers, rods and copper based master alloys. We have a sound infrastructure with a fully dedicated & technically skilled team equipped with manufacturing plant having latest plant and machines to produce efficiently and accurately. We are member associate of ICDC, IIA and MMA.




Premier Ingots has made a distinct mark for itself in manufacturing of the top quality products. Our products are reputed for their purity and have fetched us the accolades of our clients. Our variety of aluminum products consists of:

Resistance Welding Electrodes
– Spot Welding Electrodes
– Seam Welding Electrodes
– Butt Welding Electrodes
– Projection Welding Electrodes



Copper Based Master Alloys
– Phosphorus Copper Alloy
– Arsenic Copper Alloy
– Copper Manganese Alloy
– Silicon Copper Alloy
– Tellurium Copper Alloy
– Copper Nickel Alloy
– Copper Iron Alloy
– Titanium Copper Alloy
– Phosphor Tin Alloy
– Sulphur Copper
– Tungsten Copper
– Nickel-Silver Alloy
– Magnesium Copper

Rods And Profiles

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Important Issues To Consider While Teaching

Cueing: Be clear, specific and demonstrate. Encouragement and fort lauderdale fitness coaching is important.

Visualization: Paint a picture of were you are cycling. For example mountain biking in Vail.

Guided Imagery: Creating specific situations during your ride. Example sharp turns, jumps, windy conditions etc…

Class Dynamics: Ex. Racing against one another.

Positive Energy: Encouragement, support friendly competition.

Room Set-Up: Space, ventilation, surface

Cycle Set-Up: Facing one another, semi-circle, straight line, full circle etc…

Music and Sound: Motivating, mood setting, good energy. Quality sound system is important .

Class Format

Class length 45min. to 75min.

8-12 songs

Set-up 5-15min.

Warm-up 10min.

Training Zone 25-45min.

Cool-down/Stretch 5-15min.

Bike Set-Up

Handle Bars: Beginners should have handlebars higher. Advanced can have bars lower. The high should be roughly the same height as the saddle.

You should have about a 30% tilt forward towards the bar and only 1/3 of body weight should be on the bars.

Seat Height: At 12:00 and 6:00 your legs should be about 95% extended.

Seat Forward / Backward: At 3:00 and 9:00 your knee should be even over the pedal and at about a 90%


Always adjust off the bike.

Three Major Factors That Determine Intensity

Body Position


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